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2DG Style goes Venice Italy

A few days back i was invited to Venice Italy to document a Filipino wedding alongside one of Phillipines finest photographers Oly Ruiz.
Needless to say what amazing experience our 3day journey was.
Filipinos are wonderful people and i got to meet,talk and spent time with more than 30 of them.
It was a huge pleasure for me to be a part of a wedding like this!

Also in Venice i discovered a more photographic side of me …!!!
njoy some of my favorite pictures ..
an amazing highlights clip


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Stelios & Marietta – greek wedding teaser Athens

Photographer : George Pahountis

Venue : Morres Museum

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2dgstyle Σε ευχαριστω πολυ Κωστη,ολα ξεκινανε απο το ποσο καλη επικοινωνια υπαρχει με το ζευγαρι.

Κωστης Μουσελιμης φιλε μου παρακολουθω καιρο την δουλεια σου και ειπα να πω ενα γεια.Μπραβο για την εικονες σου, που δινεις σε ολους μας

Stavros & Evita – greek weeding highlights Mykonos island




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Wedpro goes Santorini


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