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Traditional greek wedding Karpathos Island

Sometimes words cant describe feelings..



Wedpro wedding photographers – Yannis Alefantou , George Pahountis

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Ric Grajeda Great work Dudes!!!
I like your style!

Big Vibes from Mexico!!!

Evro Moudanidis Lee, I really loved the soundtrack. Your work is inspirational my friend!


Angelo A pure art cinematography…

franky It is amazing to see somebody that has no “connection” to this island and its traditions to capture the essence of this ritual in only 1:50 min long motion picture…
Congrats! Amazing work as always….

γαμος στην καρπαθο | wedding in karpathos | Wedding Photography,by George Pahountis […] ηταν ο φοβερος Lee Bakogianakis μαζι με τον συνεργατη του ( steady cam )  Φωτη […]