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Iwannis – a greek baptism teaser

Last weekend i was invited to thessaloniki for the baptism of Iwannis at Agios Aleksandros church in Kalamaria.



Iwannis – greek baptism teaser from lee bakogiannakis on Vimeo.

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Magda- greek baptism in Leros Island

On the second day of the Orthodox Easter (05.04.10) i was invited to film the Baptism of Magda in Leros Island.
Only a few guests but amazing atmosphere..

I had 2 days to film so i couldnt resist to shoot some time-lapses on the second day.

A big thank you to Aleksandros and Evi for their giving me the opportunity to be part of their wonderful day .

Also a huge thank you to Sony STAMOS and especially Dimitris Stamos for supporting and trusting me to test the new Sony amazing new tool from Sony.



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Angelo Αυτό δεν είναι video…
είναι ποίηση…

adonis Καταπληκτικό νέο addition τα γρήγορα ”σπαστά” φωτογραφικά πλάνα. Και, όπως πάντα, όμορφες μικρές ”ασήμαντες” στιγμές. Δυνατή χρωματική υφή στα timelapse.

georgep Παρα πολυ καλος!!!
Eυρηματικα Πλανα και κοψιματα με feeling…Tρομερο δεσιμο με την μουσικη!
Προτιμαμε ομως το player του vimeo! ( χιλιες φορες ομως ! )