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a 2DG STYLE video goes In-Focus



2010 is more than an event featuring 13 studios –10 from the 2008 EventDV 25 Hottest and Most Influential Studios in the Industry – it is an online resource to help you stay IN[FOCUS] throughout the year.

In an industry where technology and talent are being introduced at lightning speed, the IN FOCUS BLOG is a hub for all the latest reviews, tips, and demonstrations. Our international blog team which is already cranking out entries to enlighten and inspire.

No matter the size or age of your business, it pays to be IN[FOCUS]!


Recently 2DG Style was honored to share one of his latest videos in the IN-Focus facebook group page.

A big THANK YOU to Don Pham for this opportunity.


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Giorgos & Katerina – greek wedding video

getting ready,

The ceremony,


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Christos Montes Πραγματικά συγχαρητήρια για το, κατά την άποψή μου, καλύτερο prepare clip που έχεις κάνει. Ωραία λήψη, εκπληκτικά πλάνα… Το μοντάζ απερίγραπτα δημιουργικό!!!
Συνεχίζεις να είσαι ο καλύτερος στον χώρο μας. Keep up the good work!

David Perry Lee, this film was absolutely brilliant. I am amazed at how you can take any location and make it so interesting with your angels, use of light, ambient sound and unique editing techniques. You have a style that is completely your own that now one can duplicate and that’s a mark of a true artist. Thanks for sharing.
David Perry

Salvijus Amazing!

georgep τρελλος μοντερ!
very good bro!