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Little George-Greek Baptism

Photography by Dimitris Andritsos

thanks to mr.George for the track,

its amazing how many feelings are around when shooting a baptism and its more amazing when i’m able to capture them..


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Kostas Kougias Turn my daughter’s special day into a life time memory on video like you did on my wedding! See you on 31st May Lee!

Spyros Antivachis wow!!! keep rocking!!!

Spiros Zaharakis Bravo Lee.

Excellent as always.

Sharrone Calafiore Amazing, Lee. The warm colors along with the song made this so touching. I am literally wiping tears right now.
So beautiful.

Oleg Kalyan Great clip, very truthful expression of emotions, captured the essence of it.

Keep good work coming!

Manos Mandilaras Μπραβο σου μια ξεχωριστή Βάπτιση

yiannis alefantou ενα αριστουργημα.τιποτα αλλο.δεν χρειαζονται αλλα λογια.να εισαι καλα Lee.

palmyra you are not only able to capture them,but the entire composition seems like you been so attached to it while working it,and that is beyond any editing skill,technique,backround music and so on..incredibly strong piece,glad you found yourself again..

2dg style -made the eventDV top25 list…!!!

i couldnt be more happy,
just got news that i was voted as one of the most influential videographers of the world by EventDv magazine.
I’m the first greek videographer ever to make that list and i couldnt be prouder for this,


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zoi ampatzi it was matter of time..bravo pantelo

2dgstyle Thanks Sal.


Salvijus Lee, I knew you will be on that list.
Just can say that your creativity was the bigest inspiration for me through 2008 (allways was waiting for your new clip) and I hope it will be through 2009 also.

Yiannis Saroglou Sugxaritiria, polu spoudaio auto pou kataferes. Eis anwtera.

Alexandros Karipidis Sinharitiria, gia tis sintheseis pou pragmatopoiois kai gia ton monadiko tropo (pov kai) ekfrasis ton sinaisthimaton, great chef of video.

Yiannis Saroglou Sugxaritiria, polu spoudaio auto pou kataferes. Eis anwtera!

vagelis douros mpravo palikari mou!!!!!
to topio allazei kai eisai enas apo tous protagonistes aytis tis allagis!!!!

2dgstyle Σας ευχαριστω πολυ,
συντομα θα ξεκινησω σεμιναρια για βιντεοσκοπηση και επεξεργασια γαμου!!
Stay tuned..

Kostas Mantalias Lee πολλά συγχαρητήρια για την σημαντική αυτή διάκριση στο eventDV, στα είπε και ο jimmys τηλεφωνικά και έμαθα ότι είσαι πολύ χαρούμενος! Well done, έτσι πρέπει!

Antonis Panta akougetai paraksena na akous to onoma sou na proferetai apo enan kseno! Xairomai gia tin prosopiki sou kataksiosi Panteli kai efxomai na mporeseis na tin eksargyroseis me kapoio tropo sti xora pou ergazesai. Kali dynami…

Spiros Zaharakis When I first saw the contest I immediately thought that you will be in that list for sure.

I’m so glad I was right.

Congratulations, you belong there.

2dgstyle Anastasia…!

se efxaristo poli


anastasia Teleia – Teleia – Teleia
You are the best

Walter S. Chelliah Awesome bro! Mom will be proud! 😉

2dgstyle thanks guys,
still cant believe it.
Best day ever today!!


george pahountis congratulations! I believed in you Lee.It is remarkable how you can evoke emotions with your films.Always a fan of yours.

Evro Moudanidis Synharitiria my friend. A well deserved position!!

Moudanie Pictures
Sydney | Australia

A Summer Storm before the Ceremony (intro edit)

From a wedding i’m working on the last few days,


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Marco Torre Hey men, nice work, keep going with it…. i’m a videographer too, and a photographer…. what’s the name of this music you put in the video..!!! ?


george pahountis parexigisiaris kalitexnis…I like this… εισαι τοπ φιλε. ( greeklish + greek ) cool or not?

2dgstyle Hey Joe,
thanks for visiting man.
it means a lot.

εχει και αλλο σύντομα…



Spiros Zaharakis Τι να σχολιασω? μας δειχνεις εκει ενα λεπτο με γαματα πλανα και La valse d’ Amelie και μετα το κοβεις…

Θελω κι αλλο.

Joe Simon Yo Lee that was amazing! It had an awesome feel to it, loved the rain shots.

george pahountis ok….cool enough!

Eleni’s Baptism

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