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A greek Baptism

Maybe the most beautiful baby girl i’ve had the pleasure of shooting.
The last minute will bring you chills …,

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Antonis Seferidis …είναι πολύ σημαντικό ενα video να βγάζει τόσα πολλά συναισθήματα
σε κάποιον που απλώς το παρατηρεί , πόσο περισσότερο σ΄εκείνους που το ζούν…
..απλά υπέροχο

2dgstyle Thanks a lot George,i just love what i do and everything comes from the heart…
nothing more nothing less.

stay tuned for that Beer with the “others” ..!!!
probably next month,


george michalas Lee we have never met but i know your work.You have set new standards in this country…turning video into an art form.Keep up the brilliant work.

2dgstyle dont we all..??
glad you enjoyed it,
i’m a bit proud of this clip.


weddings and portraits in Greece.Πορτραιτα και φωτογραφια γαμου | Wedding Photography-Φωτογραφια γαμου […] I watched  this video  tonight by my friend Lee and It really made me cry…I have my own personal reasons for this…don’t  ask… […]

Sotiris & Eva – Greek Wedding in Chania Crete

The best way to describe this wedding day is to upload the full 90min edit that i made for Sotiris and Eva…!!
AMAZING DAY with many traditions and of course EVERYONE wore this,

Chania Crete

Eva loves the movie “Perl Harbor” so i decided to try something different using one of the tracks from that movie soundtrack.


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Spiros Zaharakis I just received the DVD’s and all i can say is that even the full length video is amazing. Great editing, beautiful shots and very storytelling. It gets you in there even if you are a stranger.

Great work Lee, I’m sure Eva and everyone else that will see it is going to love it.

Loved the first part with the Cretan musicians. It was like a Cretan wedding documentary.


2dgstyle thank you

george pahountis awesome!