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Eleni’s greek baptism video

Feelings,feelings nothing more than feelings!!
If you have a small baby, after watching this you will understand what i mean…

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2dgstyle- Dark Horse Candidate EventDV top 25 list


Cant describe how excited i am for been the first greek wedding videographer candidate for the eventdv top 25 list.

There so many videographers out there taking wedding videography to a whole new level and thanks to them i was recently informed that i’m a candidate for that list also.

the voting has started here

for more about the eventdv top 25 list


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2dgstyle Thank you Spiros,

i voted for Walter also..hehe


Spiros Zaharakis You deserve to be there Lee.

When I saw the “Vote for Walter” post at WedFact I voted first for you and then for W.

lee bakogiannakis Thanks Ray,once more!!hehe

Kirie Paxounti,i psifoforia ginete mono apo professionals kai an den kano lathos ite apo videographers ite apo photographers.

opos kai na xi ,
thanks gia to support!


george pahountis pou psifizoume? to voting einai mono gia videographers? Ego pantos sas psifisa kirie proedre..

anastasia Το να είσαι υποψήφιος μέσα στους 25 καλύτερους είναι από μόνο του επιτυχία. Καλά αποτελέσματα

Ray estrada you have my vote! best of luck.

2dgstyle Thanks ,
για αλλη μια φορα..!!!
ειμαι απλα υποψηφιος..
τα αποτελεσματα τον μαρτιο.


anastasia Η μία επιτυχία διαδέχεται την άλλη….
Συγχαρητήρια Lee