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Thanasis & Iwanna – greek wedding

Usually i dont get too emotional with my videos but this time it was different…
i cant reveal the reasons but trust me there were a lot of feelings that day.

check out the clips below and maybe you will feel something too,

the ceremony,

the photoshoot,

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2DG Lee Bakogiannakis δοκιμαζα εναν καινουριο φακο και η βινιετα δεν φαινοταν στο lcd της καμερας καθως επεισης δεν φαινεται και στο τελικο dvd.
δυστηχως ομως στο συμπιεσμενο flv..μια αλλη ιστορια.

φαινεται οτι παρακουλουθω singles !!..hehe

Anonymous Πολύ καλή η οπτική γωνία.Προσωπικά δε συμφωνώ με την κατάχρηση του zoom in-out για τη δημιουργία μιας συγκεκριμένης δυναμικής.(αλά σήριαλ singles)Στα μειον η χρήση του auto focus,καθώς και το βινιετάρισμα του ευρυγώνιου.
Keep on filmin’…

pal ekpliktiko…

2DG Lee Bakogiannakis hehe, thanks!!


Kostas Mantalias Ένας απο τους καλύτερους βιντεογράφους, βλέπω ότι έγινες κάπως emotional – αυτό είναι καλό 🙂

Lee συνέχισε την εξαιρετική δουλειά!

Konstantinos baptism

definitely one of my favorite clips for this month…

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Antonis & Pela – greek wedding

the ceremony,

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2dg style – Eventdv, The Nonlinear Editor: Object Lessons

I was more than happy when i found out that Stephen Nathan ( has mentioned my work in one of his articles….

taken from the eventdv website,

After reviewing a series of his clips on, I discovered that the wondrously talented Greek videographer Lee Bakogiannakis is one videographer who makes striking use of the photographs in his shooting locations to give a sense of family continuity over multiple generations. (And I don’t think I’ve ever seen colors enhanced quite like his—scroll down and check out Antonis & Anita, The Ceremony—there’s something almost goth about it.) One advantage Bakogiannakis has in these clips is that he’s shooting some segments in the bride and groom’s homes; obviously, it’s a lot easier to find objects that will tell you something about who these people are (or who they used to be) in their native environments than in hotels or wedding venues that are elegant and visually rich but are otherwise impersonal. In these 2dg videos, there’s no question the objects speak.

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Parthenis & Anna – greek wedding

A Delirium ceremony,

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Dimitris & Athina – greek wedding

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2DG Lee Bakogiannakis Gia sou Gianni,
itan mia idieteri mera kai afto voithise poli..

se efxaristo gia ta kala sou logia

Yiannis Saroglou Polu idiaiteri matia & omorfi proseggisi enos gamou "ellinikou" opws grafeis. Idiaitera i proetoimasia
einai akrws afigimatiki…san tainia tou Kusturitsa. Se vazei entelws mesa sti idiaitero klima.

A greek baptism

Life is wonderful,

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I’m back…..

Havent been around the past weeks . After the wedding in Santorini i went to Pilio in a small village called “Tsagarada” and shot a beautiful traditional greek wedding in the mountain’s forest.
From there i went to Edessa (city of waters) and shot a half Indian half greek wedding.What i great time we all had …
the wedding was shot in high definition and thanks to the indian culture its gonna be full of colors.

from now on all of my weddings will be shot in HD.


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