Monthly Archives: March 2008

Ksanthipi’s Baptism

Jesus to a child,

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Katerina’s Baptism

Definitely one of my favorites,

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2DG Lee Bakogiannakis thanks,i really enjoyed working this one

ryan koral looks great, lee!

Dionisis & Aleka’s wedding day

getting ready,

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a Cure Photoshoot

Just like heaven,

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Salvijus soon i’ll be editing while i’m sleeping…

don’t forget to share that experience with us when it will happen 😉

2DG Lee Bakogiannakis thanks man,
more coming soon,
soon i’ll be editing while i’m sleeping…

Jason Magbanua Long live the Cure!

Lee, darn, so many videos one after the other. You’re the hardest working greek videographer I know.

Pay the dues now, reap the rewards later.


Theodora’s Baptism

Sweet sweet baby,

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