About me

Lee Bakogiannakis aka 2DGstyle is shooting weddings for the last 15 years, with a unique style which is customised according to the “feelings” of each wedding day.
With the help of wedfact-eventfilmmaker his work got the chance to be viewed from more people outside Greece with very good comments.

The fact of being simultaneously a shooter and an editor offered to him a differentiated and strong competitive advantage while in 2007 he won 6 awards in the first ever greek wedding video competition held in Thessaloniki.

His last trip to the states attending the 4ever group video08 in Orlando gave him the chance to meet top wedding videographers and to exchange ideas.

Related to events and parties (and of course with other aspects) he is always open-minded to new things and suggestions and he likes to work with people with global views of their work.


In 2009 he was voted as “one of the top25 hottest and most influential videographers in the world” by EventDv magazine

In 2010 he was voted once again “one of the top50 hottest and most influential videographers in the world” by Event Dv magazine

Proud member of team Magicon.
A cinematic crew that won Best film award + 8 out of 10 awards (including Best editing) at the 2010 48hr film project in Athens.