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Violeta – a greek baptism

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Spiros Zaharakis Δεν εχω διαβασει πιο ακυρο σχολιο απο αυτο του Nemian…

Vasilis Μέχρι στιγμής δεν βρήκα άλλο βιντεογράφο να βγάζει τόσο συναίσθημα ,συνέχισε την καλή δουλειά.Είσαι πηγή έμπνευσης.

2dgstyle simfono oti i texniki einai to ergalio tis texnis.
Min ksexnas omos oti kathe anthropos exi diaforetiki texniki.

Ektos apo kapoia aspromavra plana,
oti alo vlepis exi dimiourgithi apo tin lipsi kai oxi sto post.


Nemian H psifiakh texnologia mas edose polla paixnidia gia na anava8mizoume to epipedo ths douleias mas. Oxi omws na ftanoume kai sto epipedo h texnikh na antika8ista thn texnh h to senario.
Pragmatika endiaferonta plana kai texnotropia, omws mexri ekei. Sto synolo tous miazoun perissotero me music video clip para me auto pou 8a eprepe. O monter sto post val8hke na efarmwsei ola ta effects pou ema8e les kai 8a htan h teleutaia tou douleia, pragma pou kourazei mperdeuei kai katastrefei th roh.

H texnikh einai to ergaleio ths texnhs.

Thanasis & Vicky -greek wedding teaser

Wish there were words to describe what happened last night…

how about a teaser?


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2dgstyle I’m an Adobe premiere kind of guy currently on CS5.
I only edit weddings that i’ve shot for many reasons.

thank you for you comments.


Marit Kyriakide Hi Lee, do you film the weddings yourself? or only the montage?? can I be bold and ask which programme you use?.. I amjust very impressed.. love your work.!

VOATfilms Lee φοβερος οπως πάντα! Μην ακούς κανένα! Ζηλεύουν αυτό είναι όλο! Μακάρι να μπορουσα να δουλεψω για σενα (ξερεις, να σου κουβαλαω τους φακους , κανενα καφε και τετοια , χαχα!) και ΄ισως μαθω και λίγα πραματα! Αιτήσεις δέχεσαι? 🙂 (seriusly!)


Keep rocking man!

2dgstyle Hey John,
dont think you can put a price tag in something that you do from your heart!
“Many” is something that i’m still working on..

thank you for stopping by,


John Botenam Great video great feeling great lee as always but how much does this really cost?
How do you value your work and how many people are willing to pay for this work.
“Many” you’d answer “otherwise I wouldnt do it” right?
But I was just wondering…

The stillmotion effect group.

cornilia NICE FEELING LEE ..
; )

george pahountis great shots and editing!

2dgstyle είναι η Βίκυ κατω απο ενα φωτιστικό spot….!!!


Antonis Τα “σκοτεινα” πλανα με τη νυφη (η μηπως ηταν σκετο το νυφικο…?) ειλικρινα με αφησαν με το στομα ανοιχτο… ’nuff said…

Dimitris & Dora-Greek wedding teaser

Just came back from another amazing weekend.

This time we went to Arta to shoot my fellow videographers wedding.

Dimitris is the co-owner of and a big fan of Metallica…!!

Thank you Dimitri and Dora for your warm hospitality ,we had an amazing time .



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Kostas Lee & Fotis (steady) kataplitika paidia se ola, h doyleia fainetai super, krima poy tin epomeni imera imoyn apon…

Dimitris Mantalias Lee, the teaser is as good as we expected it to be, and that means superb! Thanks again for being there! (The groom)

Gerry & Jessica- a 2dg style water teaser

after that amazing time we had in Kefalonia with Gerry, Jessica and everyone else(special thanks to the Liberatos family for their great hospitality and of course a special thanks to the 2 of the craziest best-men a wedding could possible have-Number 1 my friend!!!).

I couldnt resist not make a small water teaser for this amazing couple,

if you want to watch in HD quality just click the link below the image.


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2dgstyle thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your wonderful wedding.


Jessica I cannot believe how fortunate we are to have had you and your amazing talent capture the most important day of our lives. Your work never ceases to amaze us and words cannot express our thanks to you.

~Gerasimos and Jessica

Steve & Evgenia-wedding teaser

This is why i LOVE filming traditions,


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Sharrone Calafiore Spectacular Lee!
It’s amazing how so much emotion can be packed into 1 minute! Love this piece

adonis Never underestimate the power of the granny.

Spiros Zaharakis This is going to be another amazing 2dgstyle video that will bring everyone in tears as usual. I wouldn’t expect anything less from you anyway.

Bravo Lee for one more time.

george pahountis very promising…I can not wait to see the rest mr lee

Steve and Evgenia What can we say?!! We’re speechless.. We’ve watched the teaser countless times and every time it fills us with the same emotions that we experienced on the day. Your work is truly amazing!