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Charis Katerina Baptism

Hey there Charis Katerina,

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Marialena & Giorgos wedding clips

After Marialena & Giorgos request i decided to post some more of the videos i edited for them

The “i’m too sexy” getting ready video,

Marialena & Giorgos had their photoshoot from Costas Kechagioglou at Sani Beach Resort a few hours before the ceremony.
The party started at Anemos beach bar when the sun came down…..
Sarolgou Yiannis and Telidis Yiannis were the guys that shot their wedding during that day..
Video was edited by 2Dg Style..

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Anonymous εντυπωσιακό !!! είστε τέλειοι!! και έπιασε και τον παλμό των μοντέλων ο καλλιτέχνης!!…. μπράβοοοο!!!!! Γιαννα

vanaroudis Teleio!
Kai ta montela omws…..
Oute epaggelmaties na itan.
Pote anevainei sto MTV?
Bravo Lee!!!!
Bravo kai ston Kosta ton Kehagioglou kai ta ypoloipa paidia!!!!

P.S. Eimai o gampros. Kai sta dika sas!!!

2DG Lee Bakogiannakis se efxaristo gia ta kala sou logia.
me to zeygari den exo vrethi pote apo konta ,oute to ksero prosopika.oli
i sinergasia egine meso net kai epidi einai para poli kaloi kai sinergasimoi anthropoi eixame afto to apotelesma..

Σούλα polu embneusmeno telidi
eixes mallon kales sxeseis me to zeygari

A Jazzy Baptism Sample

Lets call it “JAZZ”…

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2DG Lee Bakogiannakis Thanks Julian,
i was just playing around and this came out almost by accident…
say hello to terry for me

Julian I never would have imagined a Greek video would remind me so much of New Orleans. The birthplace of Jazz.

Awesome job!!!

Thanos & Efi photoshoot

Thanos and Efi decided to have their photoshoot 2 days before the wedding due to the fact that the ceremony was scheduled to finish a bit late and then they had to go to the party..

we started the photoshoot only 20 min before the sun came down at our usual spot near the sea in kalamaria thessaloniki
and this is the result..

“Seems like Bon Jovi is cool again” ,like one of my friends said..

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2DG Lee Bakogiannakis thanks man,that means a lot to me..
thanks to photoshop cs3 i can take it to the next level..wait till my lomo video comes out…

Jason Magbanua I absolutely love your colors and composition Lee.

Bon Jovi Rocks!

Athina Maria baptism

a wonderwall highlights clip

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